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Unlike others, I don't have "Buy me a beer" or "Buy me a coffee" kind of stuff.

However, as any other regular guy, I also have kids, ex wife, current wife, alimentation, bills, dog, etc. You get it.

So I believe it is not too much to ask for "I help you, you help me" kind of cooperation.


- If you want to remove "Powered by" links from my scripts, for whatever reason, you can do it with PayPal donation of at least $10 for each copy of the script.

- If you want "one-on-one" priority email support for one day, ie. if you are stuck and in the hurry, please donate at least $25 to my PayPal account.

- If you want me to install and configure my script on your end, please donate at least $50 to my PayPal account.

In every other case, you can just say thanks ... by donating to my PayPal account whatever you want :)

My PayPal account is [email protected]

PS DO NOT forget to contact me after donation at [email protected]! Thank You!