Setup instructions

Setup instructions

Sometimes we need to access your computer and in that case we will use free software called Chrome Remote Desktop. Be advised that by accessing your computer we can see your private stuff (that is accessible on your computer), so if you have problem with that, please let us know. We can try to fix your problem without using remote connection, but we cannot guarantee that it will be successful.

Please proceed with the installation only if you agree to give us full access to your computer.

Step 1

Setup Chrome Remote Desktop

Download Chrome Browser

If you have not done so, download the Chrome browser.

Sign in to Chrome

Sign into the browser by clicking the picture icon in the upper-right corner of the browser.

Go to Remote Desktop Page

Once you're signed in, visit the Chrome Remote Desktop webpage and click the blue Get Started button.

Set up Remote Access

Click the blue download icon underneath "Set up remote access.". Click the blue Accept and install button. If your computer requires an administrative password for installations, you will need to enter that also.

Finish Setup

Chrome Remote Desktop will ask you to set a name for the computer. Type the name in the text field (ie. HomeComputer). You will be asked to create a PIN code to keep someone from accessing your system without your knowledge. The PIN can only be numbers, no letters and must be at least six digits long. Be sure that your PIN is hard to guess. REMEMBER PIN.

DO NOT give this PIN to the persons you do not trust! We will NOT ask for it!

DO NOT give PIN to the persons you do not trust!

We will ask for one-time access code generated on the Chrome Remote Desktop page. We will NOT call you to ask for a PIN. We will NOT mail you and ask for a PIN. We will NOT ask you for your PIN - PERIOD. Be careful, stay safe! If in doubt, contact us!

Step 2

Please complete the payment on the PayPal website



If your problem is easy to fix,

which majority of problems are,

you will be asked by our tech to purchase this option.



If our tech believes that fixing the problem will take much more time than usual, you will be asked to purchase this also.

When you finish the payment on the PayPal website, we will only reserve the amount, but not capture the payment until you are satisfied with the service.

With a PayPal account, you're eligible for purchase protection, full refunds and many other things.

Click here to read more about PayPal

Step 3

Let us know that everything is ready. You need to be in front of your computer while we are working on it.

We use WhatsApp and Signal to stay in touch. Please make sure that you have installed any of them on your mobile.

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